Hear It From The Judge

Monthly Newspaper Column, 20 Eighth Judicial District Weekly Newspapers
Summer 2008 – 2015

What is our Judicial Branch?

It has been a long time since most of us studied civics. However, most of us may remember that we have three branches of government – Executive, Legislative, and Judicial.

Probate Administration: Disagreement with the Representation

One of the most common Court interactions most citizens have is a probate proceeding.

Is my Oral Contract Enforceable?

It is very common that individuals reach agreements with each other known as contracts.

Pioneer Battles Over Courthouses & 21st Century Challenges

Buried in Minnesota history of the last half of the 1800’s are not only famous courtroom battles, but also battles over the location of the courthouse within the county.

Honoring Our Military Men and Women

An excerpt of a Memorial Day address I gave at the Danube school as part of the Danube American Legion Memorial Day program.

Coleman & Franken to the Supreme Court

The Trial Court phase of the senate recount trial is complete and the Minnesota Supreme Court will consider the matter in June.

A Different Jury of “My Peers”

It is often stated and understood that all individuals charged with a crime have a right to a jury comprised of “my peers”.

What is an “Out of Court Settlement”?

When we think of the “judge” or the “court” we appropriately believe that legal disputes are resolved inside the courtroom of our local courthouse.

Adoptions in Minnesota Court

I recently presided over an adoption proceeding in which a five year old child was to be adopted into the home of his uncle.

Why is Serving on the Jury an Honor – as well as a Duty?

For many, receiving a summons from the District Court to serve on jury duty may initially be met with thoughts such as: “I don’t have time for that”; “What will I tell my employer?”; “I can’t make that difficult decision about someone else”; or similar thoughts.