Judge Randall J. Slieter


I have been honored to serve the State of Minnesota and the Eighth Judicial District for 24 years and I am presently serving on the Minnesota Court of Appeals since December 2018.

I strive to conduct myself with a high level of integrity, fairness, and leadership and I believe this is reflected by the supportive comments I have received and the positive reputation I have obtained.  I have treated all individuals who come before me with patience, fairness, honesty, and respect and have applied the laws of our State and of our Country to each case based upon the facts presented to me.

I am proud and honored to have served the citizens of the 8th Judicial District, and now the entire State of Minnesota as a member of the Court of Appeals.


I am very proud of two projects in Renville County to improve access and outcomes. Those are Restorative Justice and Treatment Court.

Restorative Justice

Previously, juvenile offenders were charged, paid a fine, only to do it all over again, with virtually nothing being done about issues causing the original behavior. To combat this issue, Renville County formed the Restorative Justice Task Force that I served on. This led to the creation of a county stand-alone program with a full-time coordinator.

Implemented April 2018, the purpose of the Renville County Restorative Justice program is to intervene earlier and break the cycle of repeat offenses by involving juvenile offenders, their parents and volunteers from the community in restorative circles. These circles employ a traditional, Native American approach to justice aimed at healing, accountability and behavior change. I am excited to see a positive response to this new program.

Treatment Court

Renville County implemented a Treatment Court in August of 2017. This new project has led to significant improvement to the community of criminal behavior in terms of improved outcomes. Renville County has one of the few jails in the state of Minnesota to have a chemical dependency treatment program inside the facility. This is a first rate treatment program, giving inmates their best chance at a drug and alcohol-free life.


Community Involvement

As a Minnesota 8th Judicial Judge, and now a Court of Appeals Judge, I feel it is important to convey to the public, a fair and accessible Judicial Branch that serves all individuals regardless of their status. Starting with high school Mock Trials prior to being appointed to the trial bench, to a weekly “Hear It From The Judge” column in district newspapers, to co-presenting the Bully Program at Renville County schools, and now speaking to numerous community and civic groups, it has been my goal to spread this awareness.

I am committed to serving the public with a high degree of fairness and justice both personally and professionally.